Information about our video streams

Hearings generally stream from 10.30 am-4.30 pm, although times may vary.

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Please note: viewing this stream may consume up to 1GB of data per hour.

Anyone with credible information relevant to the investigation is encouraged to report it at or phone 1300 735 135.

IBAC may mute or suspend the video stream at any time. Part of a hearing may be held in private when it is not in the public interest to keep that part open to the public or when it is necessary to prevent unreasonable damage to a person's reputation, safety or wellbeing.

IBAC holds public hearings to gather further information as part of an investigation and to expose potential public sector corruption. An IBAC hearing is not a trial and cannot determine guilt or innocence.


Terms of use

The video stream must not be recorded, copied, modified or reproduced, published or republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, broadcast or rebroadcast, stored, distributed or otherwise made available, in any manner, other than with IBAC's prior approval. This includes video and audio recordings, and still images from the stream. By clicking play (when available), you agree to be bound by these terms of use.

Media representatives must sign and return a request form for permission to rebroadcast parts of the stream.