Independent broad-based anti-corruption commission

The primary purpose of IBAC is to strengthen the integrity of the Victorian public sector, and to enhance community confidence in public sector accountability.

IBAC is Victoria’s first anti-corruption body with responsibility for identifying and preventing serious corrupt conduct across the whole public sector, including members of Parliament, the judiciary and state and local government.

IBAC also has a broad oversight role in relation to police personnel misconduct and an important education function to proactively assist public sector agencies to improve their systems and processes to prevent corrupt conduct.

What we do


Strengthening the integrity of the Victorian public sector

Reporting corruption or police misconduct

Have you identified conduct that you believe may be corrupt conduct or police misconduct?

Report corruption or police misconduct

What is corruption and police misconduct?


Preventing corruption and police misconduct

IBAC has important functions to educate the whole public sector and the community about the detrimental effects of corruption and the ways it can be prevented.

Education and prevention

IBAC Insights

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Your guide to the Victorian integrity system

The integrity system exists so that every Victorian can have confidence in the state’s public sector; however all Victorians have a role to play in safeguarding integrity.
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Upcoming Events

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Protected Disclosure Coordinator Seminar

Melbourne, Dates: 26 November 2014
This seminar is designed to help Protected Disclosure Coordinators understand the PD Act and how it affects their organisation.

Corruption Prevention: Everyone’s Job

Melbourne, Dates: 11 December 2014
The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) is hosting a Human Resources Practitioner Forum and you’re invited to register to attend.
Upcoming events