What happens in our investigations

During our investigations, we:

  • use investigative techniques to gather information
  • analyse information to determine if there is evidence of corrupt conduct or police misconduct
  • hold public or private examinations (hearings) to question witnesses.

Why we investigate

Just because we start an investigation doesn’t mean there’s been any wrongdoing. We first seek to:

  • determine if there’s evidence of criminal conduct or potential criminal offences 
  • determine if there’s enough evidence to warrant disciplinary action
  • expose the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation’s processes that prevent or allow corruption.

The duration of our investigations depends on the complexity and nature of the allegations. Some investigations take only weeks, others more than 12 months. We generally try to limit them to 12 months.

If you are approached by an IBAC investigator

All IBAC investigators must show their identification card. It will include:

  • their photo 
  • an authorisation from the IBAC Commissioner.

If they’re conducting a search at a police premises or under a search warrant, investigators must also produce their identification card (unless it's not practical to do so).