What we investigate

IBAC prioritises investigations into allegations of serious or systemic public sector corruption and police misconduct.

For legal and operational reasons, most of our investigations are private and not commented about, or reported on publicly, until they're finished.

What we consider when deciding to investigate:

  • the seriousness of any alleged harm or potential harm
  • the likelihood the alleged conduct will continue if nothing is done
  • whether the alleged conduct could reduce confidence in the public sector
  • any systemic issues involved with the alleged conduct that could impact on the broader public sector 
  • aggravating circumstances
  • evidence of wilfulness or culpability.

We can't investigate:

  • issues in other states or territories
  • federal parliamentarians, departments or agencies
  • the private sector, unless public officials or public authorities are involved or affected (some private contractors and consultants can be considered public officers if they’re performing public functions)
  • minor duty failures or service issues by Victoria Police (for example, not wearing the appropriate uniform)
  • traffic or court decisions.