Who we investigate

We may investigate and take complaints about police misconduct or corruption involving the following public bodies and officers:

  • Employees, contractors, volunteers and secondees at:

    • departments and agencies
    • public hospitals and healthcare services
    • state primary and secondary schools
    • universities and TAFEs
    • statutory authorities
    • water and land management agencies.
    • Councillors
    • Council employees
    • Sworn members
    • Police recruits
    • Protective Services Officers
    • Police custody officers
    • Employees
    • Members of Parliament
    • Parliamentary officers
    • Electorate officers
    • Ministerial advisors
  • Judges, magistrates and members of other judicial bodies, including (but not limited to):

    • Supreme Court 
    • County Court
    • Coroners Court
    • Magistrates' Court
    • VCAT.

We cannot investigate:

  • issues arising in other states or territories
  • federal parliamentarians, departments or agencies
  • the private sector, unless public officials and/or public authorities are involved or affected. In some circumstances, private contractors and consultants can be considered to be public officers if they are performing public functions.