What is corruption?

Corruption is the misuse of public power or position.

What can IBAC take complaints about?

IBAC can take complaints about Victorian public sector officers or bodies allegedly:

  • taking or offering bribes
  • dishonestly using influence
  • committing fraud, theft or embezzlement
  • misusing information or material acquired at work
  • conspiring or attempting to engage in the above corrupt activity.

Corruption can occur through:

Misconduct in public office

Misconduct in public office is broadly defined. It can be any conduct by a public sector employee which is unlawful or fails to meet the ethical or professional standards required in the performance of duties or the exercise of powers entrusted to them.

Examples of misconduct in public office might include:

  • misuse of power to harm, oppress or disadvantage a person
  • failure to disclose a conflict of interest
  • unauthorised accessing of police databases and disclosure of confidential information by police members.

Unlike most examples of corruption, misconduct in public office does not require financial or personal gain on the part of the public officer.