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IBAC's process from complaint through to investigation

From complaint through to investigation, understanding IBAC's process with Deputy Commissioner David Wolf.

  • 00:30 What is the difference between a complaint and a notification?
    01:46 Who can make a complaint to IBAC?
    02:49 How should I make a complaint to IBAC?
    03:29 What happens once IBAC receives a complaint? Will I receive correspondence from IBAC?
    04:46 Does IBAC need to receive a complaint in order to start an investigation?
    05:27 What determines that a complaint will become an investigation?
    07:09 What happens once an investigation starts? What are the key phases?
    08:12 Are most examinations held in public or in private?
    09:23 What powers does IBAC have?
    10:35 How long does an investigation take?
    11:39 When does an IBAC investigation end?
    13:03 Do all investigations end with prosecution?
    13:59 Can IBAC prosecute?
    14:13 Does IBAC have to publish a special report?