Investigation summaries

Operation Severn

Operation Severn was an investigation into allegations of corruption regarding contracts awarded by a local council.

On 17 April 2013 we received an allegation from the Victorian Ombudsman involving the awarding of contracts by a city council. It stated that the project was poorly managed, resulting in cost increases. The notifier also alleged that he was approached by a council officer soliciting a bribe. They stated that after refusing the bribe the council allegedly then stopped paying their invoices and the reason given was that the work was poor.


Our enquiries showed that the contract in question had gone significantly over the estimated costs even allowing for variations. There was no evidence to suggest that bribes had been offered or accepted.

We contacted the notifier repeatedly seeking further information as to why the allegation was made but by this time the notifier had left the last stated address and did not respond to our calls and letters. The matter was closed pending further information from the notifier.