Research reports

Unauthorised access and disclosure of information held by the Victorian public sector

Public sector agencies manage a wide range of information. This includes personal health records and contact details as well as sensitive political and economic information and financial data. The appropriate handling and security of this information is imperative. Unauthorised access and disclosure of data and information undermines the credibility of the public sector and jeopardises trust in government agencies to responsibly manage public information and ensure personal information is managed carefully and securely.

This report provides an overview of the key risks associated with unauthorised access and disclosure of information by Victorian public sector employees. It explores the drivers of these risks, as well as potential prevention, reporting and detection measures. This report is one of three, outlining the key risks of unauthorised access and disclosure of information applicable across the public sector in Victoria. The other two reports focus on risks specific to local government and Victoria Police.

This report discusses how the misuse of information or material by public officers, acquired in the course of the performance of their duties, may constitute corrupt conduct.