Research reports

Perceptions of corruption in Victoria

IBAC and Australian National University (ANU) findings from a survey of more than 800 senior public sector employees on their perceptions of corruption in the Victorian public sector

The survey revealed:


  • 17 per cent thought that corruption had increased in Victoria in the past five years, while nine per cent thought it had decreased
  • two-thirds indicated there was little or no corruption in their agency, however many suspected corruption in other agencies
  • most frequently identified opportunities for corruption within agencies were conflict of interest, followed by misuse of information, abuse of discretion and hiring friends or family for public service jobs
  • the most commonly identified potential corruption risks were in relation to appointing personnel, buying goods and services and partnerships with private sector
  • behaviours most commonly suspected and observed were hiring family and friends, conflict of interest, abuse of discretion and abuse of information
  • one-third thought there were opportunities for bribery, yet only four per cent had suspected bribery and less than one per cent had personally observed it
    Bribery was thought potentially to be the most damaging act of corruption.