Research reports

Organised crime group cultivation of public sector employees

Organised crime groups are grooming public servants to leak confidential information to help them break the law, with public sector agencies largely in the dark about the potential for corruption.

From consulting across the public sector, IBAC identified that many public sector bodies were unaware of this threat. These bodies did not address the risks posed by organised crime in their organisational risk assessments and often lacked appropriate prevention and detection measures tailored to this threat.

This assessment seeks to increase awareness of this issue across the Victorian public sector. In doing so, it highlights:

  • background on the nature of organised crime activities in Victoria
  • likely targets of organised crime cultivation attempts
  • strategies used by organised crime groups to cultivate relationships with public sector employees
  • prevention, mitigation and detection strategies that can assist in addressing the threat.

This assessment highlights that public bodies need to consider the threats presented by organised crime groups when undertaking their risk assessments.

Where appropriate, public bodies should introduce proactive prevention, mitigation and detection strategies addressing the identified risks.