Corporate reports

IBAC annual plan 2020-21

IBAC's annual plan outlines the organisation's core work and priorities for the year and provides a budget overview.

Risk management is an integral part of IBAC’s decision-making, planning and service delivery. Risk is managed through an internal risk management framework and associated processes, with additional oversight by the Audit & Risk Management Committee.

IBAC has identified eight strategic risks with the potential to significantly impact our ability to achieve our objectives:

Strategic risks
SR1: Ineffective governance, accountability and decision making
SR2: Failure to identify and manage internal fraud, corruption and serious misconduct
SR3: Mismanagement of the public interest disclosure scheme
SR4: Failure to manage strategic engagement with government and stakeholders, and set expectations around our role and capacity, while maintaining independence
SR5: Failure of IBAC to meet the expectations IBAC sets for those we oversight
SR6: Organisational capability and capacity is unable to support strategy and operations
SR7: Investigations are operationally compromised, ineffective, and/or disproportionate/improper
SR8: Failure to adequately manage the welfare, health, safety and wellbeing of staff and people we engage with