Corporate reports

Annual report 2018/19

This annual report outlines IBAC's work in 2018/19 to build a corruption-resistant Victorian public sector. It details our operational and financial performance, highlights achievements, reflects on challenges, and looks at how we plan to prevent and expose public sector corruption and police misconduct in the year ahead.

This report is a key accountability document and the principal way in which we report on our activities and outcomes to our stakeholders: the Parliament of Victoria, Victoria Police, public sector leaders and employees, and the Victorian community.

The report covers:

  • IBAC's performance
  • the challenges we faced and the opportunities presented
  • the improvements made
  • what we are planning in the year ahead.

Key achievements

Key achievements for 2018/19 include:

  • assessing more than 5800 allegations of suspected corruption or police misconduct resulting from complaints and notifications
  • commencing 38 new investigations and preliminary inquiries. Of these, 18 were ‘own motion’ intelligence-led investigations 
  • completing 45 investigations and preliminary inquiries
  • charging 16 people with offences under various State and Commonwealth statutes
  • making 50 formal recommendations for public sector agencies, including Victoria Police, to improve their systems, practices and controls
  • holding public examinations for Operation Gloucester into the statement taking practices of Victoria Police
  • delivering a broad range of corruption prevention initiatives including a community awareness campaign, Yes, it's corruption. Yes, I can do something about it. and two regional Integrity Insights forums (Ballarat and Horsham)
  • publishing four research reports exposing corruption and misconduct risks.