Corporate reports

Annual report 2017/18

IBAC's annual report 2017/18 provides information on our progress to achieving our vision of a corruption resistant Victoria. It reports on our operational and financial performance, highlights key challenges and achievements, and looks at how we will continue to expose and prevent corruption and misconduct in the year ahead.

IBAC's fifth year of full operation has seen a range of activity and achievements including:

  • tabled two special reports before Parliament on operations that exposed serious corruption in Victoria’s public sector
  • commenced 27 investigations and completed 14 investigations (including preliminary inquiries)
  • assessed more than 6200 allegations of suspected public sector corruption and police misconduct
  • made 18 recommendations to public sector agencies aimed at preventing public sector corruption and police misconduct
  • released two public audit reports examining corruption and misconduct risks within Victoria Police, including making 13 recommendations to improve systems and practices
  • delivered 92 corruption prevention initiatives.

A summary of the findings presented in the report PDF