Corporate reports

Annual report 2015/16

IBAC's annual report 2015/16 provides information on our progress to achieving our vision of a corruption resistant Victoria. It reports on our operational and financial performance, highlights key challenges and achievements, and looks at how we will continue to expose and prevent corruption and misconduct in the year ahead.

Key statistics

IBAC's third year of full operation has seen a range of activity and achievements including:

  • an increase in the number of active investigations and our first regional public examinations (focusing on alleged serious police misconduct)
  • the completion of half a dozen research projects, including a survey of Victorian Government suppliers’ perception of corruption
  • the release of two public intelligence reports (on the risks of cultivation of the public sector by organised crime and predatory behaviour by police).
  • a tripling in the number of matters that were assessed as a protected disclosure.

We continued our independent oversight of Victoria Police, with almost half of our active investigations focused on alleged serious police misconduct.

IBAC also applied greater scrutiny to Victoria Police’s internal complaints process, recommending 36 per cent of their investigations reviewed required further action or clarification. We also completed a broader audit of Victoria Police’s complaints handling at the regional level.

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