Complaints about IBAC

Do you have a complaint about IBAC?

Please contact the Victorian Inspectorate about how IBAC or its officers perform their functions, duties or powers.

For example, complaints may suggest that IBAC or its officers were:

  • acting contrary to law
  • unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or improperly discriminatory
  • improperly motivated
  • abusing their power
  • otherwise improper.

You can make a complaint to the Victorian Inspectorate via its online complaint form.

You can contact the Victorian Inspectorate on 1800 518 197 or

If the Victorian Inspectorate decides to investigate a complaint about IBAC or its officers, it must notify IBAC in writing, unless it reasonably believes that giving notice of the investigation could prejudice the investigation of the complaint.

Please note: The Victorian Inspectorate can’t overturn an IBAC decision or direct us to alter a decision.

Your privacy

Read our information privacy policy and contact IBAC's Privacy Officer ( if you think your privacy has been breached. You can also contact the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner for advice or to lodge a complaint.

Human rights and responsibilities

If you believe IBAC's actions are not compatible with the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, you can make a complaint to the Victorian Inspectorate.

Complaints about discrimination, sexual harassment, racial or religious vilification and victimisation can be made to the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.