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Department of Education and Training responds to IBAC investigations

Victoria's independent anti-corruption agency, IBAC, today published a response from the Department of Education and Training (DET) to two major IBAC investigations into corrupt conduct at the Department: Operations Ord and Dunham.

The Department of Education and Training was required to respond to IBAC recommendations made following investigations Operation Ord, into alleged corrupt conduct associated with the use of 'banker schools,' and Operation Dunham, into alleged corrupt conduct associated with the failed Ultranet project.

The Department's response is now available on the IBAC website. It is the Department’s final response to Operation Ord’s recommendations and interim response to Operation Dunham’s.

IBAC Chief Executive Officer, Mr Alistair Maclean, said: "IBAC publishes the responses of public sector agencies to IBAC recommendations following investigations to inform the community about the actions agencies have advised they are taking, and to help other public sector agencies to improve their systems and practices to prevent corruption."

"We encourage every Victorian public sector agency to review IBAC's recommendations and findings made in our reports, as well as the responses agencies are taking, and as an aid to ensure they are assessing their own risks to corruption and are taking appropriate action to mitigate such risks," Mr Maclean said.

"No agency is immune from corruption risks and every public sector agency needs to continuously assess what improvements they can make to improve their corruption resistance," he said.

IBAC tabled its Operation Ord Special Report, before Parliament in April 2016. The investigation examined the conduct of then senior officers of DET and others, in connection with the use of ‘banker schools’ and related activities.

The Operation Dunham Special Report was tabled before Parliament in January this year. The report provided IBAC's findings and recommendations following an investigation into the conduct of DET officers in connection with the failed Ultranet project and related matters.

An interim response from DET to Operation Ord, and a response from the Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet to Operation Ord, are also available on the IBAC website. And a response from the Department of Treasury and Finance's to IBAC's Operation Dunham is available.

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