COVID-19 and independent oversight of Victoria Police

IBAC's independent oversight of Victoria Police continues within the parameters of public health safety precautions. 

We are still taking complaints and continuing our work to prevent and expose police misconduct and corruption. By law, IBAC must prioritise for investigation allegations of serious or systemic police misconduct and corruption.

As part of the emergency response to COVID-19, Victoria Police is enforcing the new public health directions made under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. This includes policing certain types of travel, gatherings and self- isolation orders. IBAC is oversighting the policing of these new directions.

IBAC's independent oversight of Victoria Police is important to ensure that police act fairly, impartially and in accordance with the law.

To find out more about the public health directions Victoria Police may be enforcing, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.

Report police misconduct and corruption to IBAC via our online form or call 1300 735 135.

Please note: we are currently taking limited telephone enquiries. For more information, see Contact us.

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