Speak up to stop improper influence

Earlier this month, IBAC launched new advertising calling on public sector employees to speak up to stop improper influence.

IBAC's Speak up to stop it campaign highlights that any public sector employee, elected or not, is at risk of being improperly influenced – and that it can lead to corruption.

Victorian public sector employees must make decisions that are in the best interest of the Victorian community – free from bias, collusion and favouritism. However, public sector employees need to be aware that they can be used by others to gain access to confidential information, to taxpayer funded resources and even their colleagues.

A public sector employee may be improperly influenced to make a decision through pressure, favours or gifts, or more subtly through abuse of seniority or position.

IBAC's investigations have revealed a variety of sources of improper influence, including internal colleagues, lobbyists, suppliers and ministerial advisors. Decision makers in local and state Government can be at risk of improper influence through manipulation of governance processes or even donations. And it's not just Government departments or agencies that are at risk, the public sector also includes schools, hospitals, councils and more

This campaign encourages all Victorian public sector employees to recognise and speak up when they see or experience someone trying to improperly influence them or a colleague.

If you see or experience improper influence, you should report it to a manager. You can also make a formal complaint or report information to IBAC via our website.

Help spread the word

To download videos and social media content for use at your organisation, visit ibac.vic.gov.au/speakup