Don't become the headline webinar

In October, IBAC partnered with fellow integrity agencies to deliver a webinar on the risks and pitfalls associated with procurement processes. A joint event with the Victorian Ombudsman (VO) and the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office (VAGO), 'Don't become the headline' was attended by almost 800 people from across the Victorian public sector.

The discussion focussed on the history and interconnectedness of the three integrity bodies, and how each is concerned with procurement. While the VO focuses on maladministration and VAGO's expertise lies in financial probity, procurement issues fall under IBAC's purview when the line is crossed into corruption.

The webinar covered key procurement case studies from the Ombudsman, common behaviours which IBAC has found can mask corruption and the Victorian Auditor-General's advice on steps which can be taken to prevent procurement practices failing to meet the expectations of the integrity agencies.

Staff at all levels across the public sector can be at risk of these behaviours, from individual employees, through to governance teams and even senior leadership.

'Don't become the headline' prepared attendees to spot the 'red flags' of corruption in procurement, especially during the bidding process, engagement of suppliers, contract management and delivery, and invoicing.

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