Investigations and prosecutions update

Prosecutions arising from IBAC investigations are an important mechanism for exposing public sector corruption and police misconduct. They highlight the impact and consequences for those involved, including jail terms, confiscation of assets, fines and community corrections orders. Shining a light on corruption and misconduct also helps public sector agencies and police strengthen their practices to prevent it.

This is a summary of IBAC statements about some of our operations and prosecutions from July to September 2020. For more detail, please see our media releases, or follow @ibacVic on Twitter for our latest announcements.

New investigation summaries and case studies

We have recently published summaries of IBAC investigations involving Victoria Police, Corrections Victoria, Fulham Correctional Centre, and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. Our investigation summaries provide a snapshot of each operation, and can include agency responses to the investigation.

IBAC publishes responses to our investigations to inform the community about actions agencies advise they are taking, and to share learnings that may help other agencies improve their systems and practices to prevent corruption and misconduct.

Several new case studies are also available. Case studies explore investigation findings in more detail than investigation summaries. They demonstrate the practical impact of IBAC's prevention efforts by focusing on corruption vulnerabilities and prevention measures.

IBAC charges four people as part of Operation Lansdowne

On 25 September, IBAC laid more than 55 charges against four people – one former public sector employee and three individuals associated with a training provider – as part of Operation Lansdowne, which examined allegations of serious corruption involving the Victorian vocational education and training, and transport sectors.

A number of agency responses to Operation Lansdowne are available on our website. 

Former Victoria Police Sergeant Rosa Rossi sentenced

On 16 September, former Victoria Police Sergeant Rosa Rossi was sentenced in Melbourne's County Court to four years and six months imprisonment, with a non-parole period of two years and four months, for obtaining property by deception, unlawfully accessing police records and perjury following IBAC's Operation Salina.

IBAC to investigate police conduct in relation to an arrest in Epping

On 15 September, IBAC confirmed it would independently investigate police conduct in regard to an incident involving the arrest of a man in Epping on Sunday, 13 September.

Drug and alcohol counsellor from St Paul's Prevention Rehabilitation convicted and sentenced

On 4 September, Anthony Dieni, a former drug and alcohol counsellor employed at St Paul's Prevention Rehabilitation was convicted at the County Court of Victoria following IBAC's Operation Murano.

Former Frankston City Council manager pleads guilty to multiple offences

On 18 August, former Frankston City Council manager Andrew Williamson pled guilty in Melbourne's County Court to charges of obtaining property by deception to the amount $460,870, attempt to commit an indictable offence for the amount of $65,530, and misconduct in public office. This followed IBAC's Operation Topi into allegations of improper procurement practices at Frankston City Council.

Victoria Police Officer convicted on further charges

On 14 August, former Victoria Police Sergeant Robert Beckingham was convicted and resentenced at the Melbourne County Court to an 18 month community corrections order on the charge of perjury. Mr Beckingham was earlier convicted on charges of unauthorised access to police information contained in the LEAP database that related to nine different people. Both convictions were a result of IBAC's Operation Ithaca into allegations of police personnel misconduct.

IBAC finds improper evidentiary and disclosure practices were used by some Victoria Police officers during the Silk-Miller murder investigation, and such conduct continues to present risks to the sound administration of justice today

On 31 July, IBAC's Operation Gloucester special report was tabled to Parliament, revealing that improper evidentiary and disclosure practices were used by some Victoria Police officers connected to the investigation of the murders of Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller in 1998.

Victoria Police officers sentenced for assault

On 29 July, three Victoria Police officers found guilty of unlawful assault received adjourned undertakings without conviction following IBAC's Operation Henty, an investigation into allegations of excessive use of force by Victoria Police officers when they attended a house in Preston to conduct a welfare check on a pensioner in September 2017.

Constable John Patrick Edney and Senior Constable Florian Hilgart received an adjourned undertaking of twelve months, with $1000 to be paid into the court fund. Senior Constable Brad McLeod received an adjourned undertaking of twelve months, with $3500 to be paid into the court fund.

Former deputy secretary of Department of Education and Training convicted over fraud related to Ultranet project

On 24 July, former deputy secretary of the Department of Education and Training (DET) Darrell Fraser was convicted and sentenced at Melbourne's County Court following IBAC's Operation Dunham, an investigation into the Ultranet project and related contracts.

Mr Fraser was sentenced to a two-year Community Correction Order and 300 hours of community service after pleading guilty to Obtaining a Financial Advantage by Deception and Misconduct in Public Office relating to the awarding of a $999,996 contract for the review of a number of DET IT projects, including the Ultranet project.