IBAC's police oversight role during COVID-19 and beyond

IBAC Deputy Commissioner Katie Miller

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised interest in IBAC's independent oversight of Victoria Police and the obligations of police when they interact with community members.

At a Know your rights workshop held by the Muslim Legal Network in August, IBAC Deputy Commissioner Katie Miller discussed what enforcement of new public health directions means for police oversight, and for the rights of the Victorian public. Ms Miller emphasised the important role organisations such as the Muslim Legal Network play in helping people understand and navigate the changing legal environment during COVID-19.

In a panel discussion hosted by the Monash Migration and Inclusion Centre also in August, Ms Miller explained why it’s important for community members to report complaints about police conduct to IBAC, and how this information helps drive systemic reform. The panel discussed how Associate Professor Leanne Weber’s research on policing and belonging can best be translated into practical measures for inclusive forms of policing. Watch a recording of the webinar.

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