2019 Corruption Perception Index shows not much has improved

Corruption Perceptions Index 2019 (Australia score 77/100, rank 12/180)

On 23 January this year, Transparency International released its 2019 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) which showed Australia’s continuing decline in global ranking. Although Australia's CPI score remained stable at 77* – the same rank as last year – it is still significantly lower than its 2012 score of 85. Australia is among two-thirds of countries across the world that are either stagnating or showing signs of deterioration in their anti-corruption efforts.

While Transparency International has a federal focus, their priority areas for 2020 – including stronger rules on political donations, lobbying and undue influence along with strong public sector whistleblowing – have direct relevance for IBAC's work in Victoria.

IBAC investigations have highlighted the corrosive influence of money in politics and corruption enabled by poor governance. These issues are being explored in IBAC's Operation Sandon – an investigation into corruption allegations at the Casey City Council – currently undergoing a second round of public hearings.

IBAC works to prevent corruption and police misconduct by engaging with the community and the public sector to improve understanding, and reporting, of corruption. IBAC also educates public sector organisations on corruption risks and how they can be prevented.

*The CPI ranks levels of perceived corruption in governments across the world with a scale from 0-100; 0 means a country is perceived as highly corrupt and a 100 means a country is perceived as very clean.