Protected Disclosure Coordinator Forum and new Protected Disclosure Community of Practice

Cheryl Batagol PSM speaking at IBAC's Protected Disclosure Coordinator Forum, Melbourne 2018

IBAC recently held its annual Protected Disclosure Coordinator Forum in Melbourne with regional participants able to join via webinar. The forum was well attended by Protected Disclosure Coordinators from Victorian state and local government sectors. IBAC’s Commissioner, The Honourable Robert Redlich QC opened the forum emphasising the unique role Protected Disclosure Coordinators play in identifying and addressing organisational integrity problems. Cheryl Batagol PSM, Chair of Environment Protection Authority Victoria, gave the keynote address and focused on the importance of a constructive organisational culture and leadership at all levels as the best defence against fraud and corruption.

The event concluded with an information session outlining some of the proposed amendments to the Protected Disclosure Act 2012, and what these may mean in practice, as well as a question and answer session with an expert IBAC panel.

A new Protected Disclosure Community of Practice was also launched by IBAC, which will provide Protected Disclosure Coordinators with more opportunities to network, share knowledge and build their skills in managing protected disclosure complaints. This important initiative to better support Protected Disclosure Coordinators was introduced by IBAC following feedback that a Community of Practice would be a valuable means of support for their work and role. For more information about the Protected Disclosure Community of Practice, please contact