Corporate reports

Annual report 2020/21

This annual report outlines IBAC's work in the 2020/21 financial year to build a corruption-resistant Victorian public sector. It details our operational and financial performance, achievements, and how we work to prevent and expose public sector corruption and police misconduct.

This report is a key accountability document and one way we report on our activities and outcomes to our stakeholders: the Parliament of Victoria, Victoria Police, public sector leaders and employees, and the Victorian community.

IBAC's key achievements in 2020/21 include:

  • receiving 2832 complaints/notifications, a 17 per cent increase on 2019/20
  • assessing 4965 allegations of suspected corruption or police misconduct
  • commencing 14 investigations and preliminary inquiries into alleged serious public sector corruption and police misconduct, including four 'own motion' investigations (IBAC may decide to investigate corrupt conduct or police misconduct on our 'own motion')
  • finalising 19 investigations and preliminary inquiries
  • making 33 formal recommendations (under the IBAC Act) for public sector agencies, including Victoria Police, to improve their systems, practices and control
  • reviewing 92 investigations by other agencies, including 64 police and 28 public sector investigations
  • delivering 115 corruption prevention initiatives, including publishing six special and research reports exposing corruption and misconduct, and ways it can be prevented.

Snapshot of annual report, showing the PDFs summary alongside highlighted percentages