How IBAC works to prevent corruption

We have specific prevention and education functions under our legislation to:

  • examine systems and practices in the public sector and public sector legislation
  • provide information to, consult with and make recommendations to, the public sector
  • to assist the public sector to increase capacity to prevent corrupt conduct by providing advice, training and education services
  • provide information and education services to the community about the detrimental effects of corruption on public administration and ways in which to assist in preventing corrupt conduct
  • publish information on ways to prevent corrupt conduct.

IBAC aims to make the greatest impact on preventing corruption and police misconduct by focusing on three key strategies:

  1. Engaging with the community and the public sector to improve understanding of corruption and its harms.
  2. Improving reporting of corruption and helping to build the public sector’s capacity to address reports.
  3. Alerting organisations to the latest information and intelligence to stay ahead of corruption risks.

Our prevention efforts focus on serious public sector corruption and police misconduct. We also work collaboratively with key partners, including the Victorian Ombudsman, the Auditor General and the Public Sector Commission to ensure a coordinated approach to safeguarding integrity in the Victorian public sector.

              IBAC's Corruption Prevention Strategy


A corruption
resistant Victoria


  • Many more Victorians know about corruption, believe it impacts them personally and believe that institutions are responsible for preventing corrupt conduct
  • Most Victorians and public sector employees believe it is their responsibility to report corruption and feel empowered to do so
  • IBAC is consulted when relevant whole of government approaches are being developed or revised
  • Public sector organisations have implemented effective corruption prevention practices
  • IBAC is seen by the public and key stakeholders as successful in preventing corruption in Victoria

Core priorities

Pillar 1

Engage with the community and public sector to improve understanding of corruption and its harms

Pillar 2

Encourage reporting of corruption in the public sector*

Pillar 3

Alert organisations to the latest information and intelligence to stay ahead of corruption risks

Activity streams

  1. Engage with senior leaders within the Victorian public sector
  2. Engage with the community and keep corruption high on the public's agenda
Improve social norms about reporting corruption within the public sector and build organisational capacity to address reports of corruption
Increase organisations’ knowledge on corruption trends, organisational vulnerabilities and effective controls
* Victorian public sector includes state and local government, Victoria Police, parliament and judiciary