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IBAC calls on public sector employees to speak up to stop improper influence

Victoria's Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) has re-launched its 'Speak up to stop it' campaign to remind Victorian public sector employees about the risks of improper influence and the importance of speaking up to stop it.

Originally launched in 2022, this campaign highlights that any public sector employee, elected or not, is at risk of being improperly influenced. It encourages public sector employees to speak up when they see or experience it and provides guidance on how to report it.

Results from IBAC's perceptions of corruption survey released in December 2022, showed that perceptions of public sector corruption were on the rise, with 'improper influence' still one of the key behaviours perceived to be at risk of occurring in the workplace.

IBAC Executive Director of Prevention and Communication Dr Linda Timothy, said survey results also indicated public sector employees wanted more education around reporting corruption or misconduct.

"These results told us that we needed to get back out there and share our information and resources to help the public sector, including agencies, departments, schools, hospitals, and councils, educate their employees about the risks of improper influence and how to report it.

"Victorian public sector employees must make decisions that are in the best interest of the Victorian community – free from bias, collusion, and favouritism. However, this responsibility can be difficult if public sector employees are improperly influenced to make a decision through pressure, favours, gifts, or more subtly through the abuse of seniority or position," Dr Timothy said.

IBAC's 'Speak up to stop it' campaign includes a variety of resources and materials for public sector bodies to share with workmates, friends, and the community. These resources include videos, digital banners, and social media resources.

"IBAC's investigations have revealed that improper influence can come from a variety of sources, including colleagues, lobbyists and suppliers. Decision makers in local and state government - at all levels - can be at risk of improper influence. This campaign will help to raise awareness and give people confidence that they will know what to do when they see or experience improper influence in their workplace," Dr Timothy said.

Visit Speak up to stop improper influence to learn more and to access the campaign resources.

If you see or experience improper influence, you should report it to a manager. You can also make a formal complaint or report information to IBAC via our website.

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  • IBAC is Victoria's independent agency responsible for preventing and exposing public sector corruption and police misconduct.
  • Our vision is a public sector and police that acts with integrity for all Victorians.
  • Reporting corruption and misconduct can assist IBAC to gather intelligence that informs recommendations for the public sector to strengthen its policies and procedures to address systemic corruption issues and risks. Some complaints lead to important investigations that result in disciplinary action and criminal prosecutions.
  • Recent examples of IBAC investigating improper (undue) influence in the public sector: Operation Sandon