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Investigations, determinations and prosecutions update

Prosecutions arising from IBAC investigations are an important mechanism for exposing public sector corruption and police misconduct. They highlight the impact and consequences for those involved, which can include jail terms, confiscation of assets, fines and community corrections orders. Shining a light on corruption and misconduct also helps public sector agencies and police strengthen their practices to prevent it.

This is a summary of IBAC statements about some of our operations and prosecutions from April to June 2022. For more detail, please see our media releases, or follow @ibacVic on Twitter for our latest announcements.

IBAC's Operation Bredbo public hearings conclude

Public hearings by Victoria's independent police oversight agency IBAC into allegations of serious misconduct by a long-standing Victoria Police officer concluded in May 2022.

The hearings are part of Operation Bredbo, an IBAC investigation into allegations that Victoria Police Detective Sergeant Wayne Dean exploited and misused his position as a police officer for reward to improperly influence people who were involved in commercial disputes or civil litigation.

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Operation Merrica

On 26 May a pecuniary penalty order of $12,610 was made against Mr Andre Punt as part of IBAC's Operation Merrica.

The penalty order follows Mr Punt's conviction for misconduct in public office (on a guilty plea) in December last year and guilty pleas from his co-accused in February this year. The penalty order is in addition to the $20,000 fine and community correction order that formed Mr Punt’s sentence.

IBAC's Operation Merrica investigated allegations of serious corruption involving a provider of quantity surveying services, and contracts issued by the Department of Education and Training and Victorian School Building Authority.