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A blue bycycle leaning against a wall, as a group of people, out of focus, walk down a heavily graffitied laneway in Melbournes sidestreets
Friday 09 Oct 2020 Operation Genoa
In early 2017, following a notification from Victoria Police, IBAC commenced an investigation called Operation Genoa that found a Detective Leading Senior Constable had engaged in unauthorised access, use and disclosure of police information.
Friday 09 Oct 2020 Operation Carson
IBAC received a notification from the then Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (the Department) regarding allegations of an undeclared conflict of interest and misuse of position by a senior employee.
image of police station
Thursday 08 Oct 2020 Operation Oldfield
In February 2014, IBAC received a notification from the Victoria Police Professional Standards Command (PSC) about allegations of interference in a prosecution by a Leading Senior Constable (LSC) serving as a police prosecutor.
An image of the front gate of port phillip prison
Monday 05 Oct 2020 Operation Ettrick
In January 2015, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations that corrections officers at Port Phillip Prison were trafficking illicit drugs into the prison, using illicit drugs, and maintaining links to organised crime entities.
Image of hands wresting on prison bars
Sunday 04 Oct 2020 Operation Tarlo
In January 2018, IBAC commenced an investigation into allegations a corrections officer had introduced contraband into Fulham Correctional Centre, had inappropriate relationships with prisoners, and had unlawfully accessed information.
A bookstore surrounded by rainbow flags and other LGBTQIA+ supportive media
Tuesday 21 Jul 2020 Operation Lynd
Operation Lynd was an investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) into the conduct of Victoria Police officers at the Hares & Hyenas bookstore at 63 Johnston Street in Fitzroy on 11 May 2019, and the cause of the serious injury to a member of the public, Mr Nik Dimopoulos, arising out of that incident.