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Map of Victoria showing local council areas
Tuesday 29 Aug 2023 Perceptions of corruption 2023: Councillors
In May 2023, all 632 Victorian local government Councillors were emailed to invite them to participate in a perceptions of corruption survey (noting that councils where Administrators were in place were excluded from the research).
A series of fabric police badges next to each other
Thursday 22 Jun 2023 Serious incidents involving the use of police dogs
IBAC conducted a review of 15 Victoria Police oversight investigations involving incidents where dogs were used by police as force between August 2017 and July 2019.
A snippet of an infographic showing various numbers and icons related of statistics found within the main report
Wednesday 15 Mar 2023 IBAC's independent oversight of Victoria Police – 2022 (infographic)
A snapshot of IBAC's police oversight work between 1 January and 31 December 2022.
Peak hour in melbourne as pedestrians rush to work
Thursday 08 Dec 2022 Perceptions of corruption 2022: Victorian community
In May 2022, an online survey was undertaken with 3,000 Victorians aged 18 years or over. The survey sample was sourced via an accredited online research panel. Survey quotas were placed on age, gender, and location. The findings from the 2022 survey have been compared with the IBAC survey of the Victorian community undertaken in 2016. It is important to note that while some questions were retained, the questionnaire structure was updated in 2022, meaning results may not be directly comparable.
7 clocks above the entrance to flinders street station, with a blurred crowd of passersby walking in, out and in front of the entrance
Thursday 08 Dec 2022 Perceptions of corruption 2022: Suppliers
In May 2022, a variety of communication channels were used to promote an online survey to Victorian government business suppliers. IBAC sought assistance from the Department of Treasury and Finance and Health Share Victoria to email a survey link to all registered suppliers on their respective databases.
An empty police car viewed from midway up the bonnet.
Thursday 08 Dec 2022 Perceptions of corruption 2022: Victoria Police
In August 2022, a variety of communication channels were used to promote an online survey to employees working within Victoria Police. The survey was open to sworn police officers, protective services officers, and public servants employed at Victoria Police. In total, 1,001 Victoria Police employees completed most of the survey between 12 August – 1 September 2022.