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Cover up behaviours that mask police misconduct
Wednesday 20 Sep 2023 'Cover up' behaviours that mask police misconduct
Through our research and investigations, IBAC has observed a range of behaviours that can allow misconduct to go undetected and even take hold in policing. If they go unchecked, these behaviours enable misconduct to be covered up or hidden, which impacts the ability to investigate and stop it. This graphic outlines five key patterns of obscuring or 'cover up' behaviour that can occur and that Victoria Police needs to guard against. Some of the key ways police can try to conceal misconduct, include:
A series of fabric police badges next to each other
Thursday 22 Jun 2023 Serious incidents involving the use of police dogs
IBAC conducted a review of 15 Victoria Police oversight investigations involving incidents where dogs were used by police as force between August 2017 and July 2019.
member of public watching police officers
Tuesday 02 May 2023 Predatory behaviour by police
This summary describes IBAC’s thematic review of a series of Victoria Police investigations into allegations of predatory behaviour by police officers.
Victoria Police handling of complaints made by Aboriginal people video snippet
Wednesday 18 May 2022 Victoria Police handling of complaints made by Aboriginal people
Police misconduct and the investigation of complaints against police are issues that concern all Victorians. However, they have particular significance for Aboriginal people, who come into contact with police at a much higher rate than non-Aboriginal people.
kylie kilgour headshot
Monday 28 Mar 2022 IBAC's focus on police oversight
A close look at IBAC's focus on police oversight in Victoria. IBAC Deputy Commissioner Kylie Kilgour speaks with Alister McCulloch from our Prevention, Policy & Research team. (13 minutes 52 seconds)
An empty police car viewed from midway up the bonnet.
Thursday 15 Jul 2021 Operation Wingan
Operation Wingan was an investigation by the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) into the conduct of Victoria Police officers during the apprehension of a person (Person A) at Epping, Victoria on 13 September 2020. IBAC may investigate police personnel conduct in response to a complaint or a notification from Victoria Police, or on its 'own motion'. IBAC decided to investigate the conduct after receiving a complaint from a member of the public about the way police treated Person A.