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You can help prevent corruption
We can all help prevent public sector corruption and make sure public funds are spent properly – maintaining Victoria's schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.
How IBAC handles complaints
What we do with your complaint, including how we assess and act on it.
Your privacy
IBAC will protect your privacy if you make a complaint.


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Tuesday 26 Sep 2023 Handling Public Interest Disclosures
Information for organisations authorised to receive Public Interest Disclosures (PIDs)
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Monday 25 Sep 2023 Public interest Disclosures (PID) in practice
This module builds on the Introduction to Public Interest Disclosures module and includes practical examples.
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Monday 25 Sep 2023 Introduction to Public Interest Disclosures (PID)
This module introduces Public Interest Disclosures and how to manage them.
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Tuesday 31 May 2022 Review of protected disclosure procedures
An IBAC review found nearly a quarter of the 114 public sector organisations surveyed were not meeting their legal obligations around protected disclosures, almost two years after new laws were introduced to protect whistleblowers.
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Monday 26 Jul 2021 Review of public sector bodies' compliance with elements of the Protected Disclosure Act
Protected disclosures play an important role in Victoria's integrity system, providing key information to help identify wrongdoing and risks to public service delivery. It is important people know how to make a disclosure and what protections they are entitled to.
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Tuesday 29 Jun 2021 Reference guide: Managing an internal investigation into misconduct
This reference guide is a practical resource for Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Coordinators and any public sector employees who have responsibility for conducting internal investigations into alleged misconduct within their agency.