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We can all help prevent public sector corruption and make sure public funds are spent properly – maintaining Victoria's schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.
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What we do with your complaint, including how we assess and act on it.
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A series of fabric police badges next to each other
Thursday 22 Jun 2023 Serious incidents involving the use of police dogs
IBAC conducted a review of 15 Victoria Police oversight investigations involving incidents where dogs were used by police as force between August 2017 and July 2019.
member of public watching police officers
Tuesday 02 May 2023 Predatory behaviour by police
This summary describes IBAC’s thematic review of a series of Victoria Police investigations into allegations of predatory behaviour by police officers.
A hand holding a pint glass on an angle as an amber liquid is poured into it from a spout. Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash
Tuesday 15 Feb 2022 Falsification of preliminary breath test results by Victoria Police
This summary focuses on the review of four Victoria Police investigations into allegations that police officers were falsifying Preliminary Breath Test results.
Image of police tape
Tuesday 29 Nov 2016 Allegations of excessive use of force by police
This summary highlights IBAC’s review of two Victoria Police investigations into allegations of assault or excessive use of force by police officers against members of the public.