Your privacy

IBAC handles your information and personal details carefully and confidentially. However, if you make a complaint and IBAC determines to refer your complaint to another agency, your personal information may be shared with that agency only for the purposes of addressing your complaint.

If you are very concerned about your privacy, you can request further protections.


Your personal details will be kept confidential by IBAC and will only be provided to another agency if:

  • you consent, or
  • your complaint is determined to be a Protected Disclosure to be investigated by Victoria Police, Victorian Ombudsman or Victorian Inspectorate, or
  • there is a legal requirement for IBAC to do so. 


Your personal information will not be visible to anyone, including IBAC. If you choose to make a complaint anonymously, our investigation may be limited. This is because we cannot contact you for more information, or otherwise discuss the matter with you.

Legal protections when making a complaint

IBAC may decide your complaint is a protected disclosure (or whistleblower complaint), meaning your matter is subject to greater protections and restrictions.

If your complaint is deemed a protected disclosure, your matter is subject to greater protections and restrictions, including:

  • you cannot be fired, disciplined or bullied for making a complaint
  • you are protected form legal actions such as defamation and civil liability for making the complaint
  • your friends, family or colleagues will also be protected.

Anyone can complain to us about public sector corruption and police misconduct. Find out how.