Perceptions of corruption survey

IBAC is inviting employees from across the public sector as well as the Victorian community to participate in an anonymous survey to help strengthen our anti-corruption efforts. 

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary, with questions exploring levels of understanding of corruption and misconduct, and the barriers and motivators to reporting and preventing it. 

The research is part of IBAC's corruption prevention strategy, which aims to build knowledge and understanding of public sector corruption and encourage its reporting and prevention.

The core themes underpinning this research include:

  • understanding of corruption and misconduct
  • perceptions of corruption and misconduct
  • knowledge and attitudes toward reporting and preventing corruption and misconduct
  • knowledge and perceptions of IBAC 

‚ÄčThe survey is being undertaken by Urbis, an independent social research consultancy. All responses will be anonymous and data collected will be de-identified before being shared with IBAC. Responses will be analysed at the aggregate level only. De-identification will occur in accordance with Urbis’ legal obligations and the standards set by the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations.

Questions and answers

Is the survey voluntary?

Yes. Participation is entirely voluntary but only participants from invited organisations are being asked to complete the survey. 

Are organisations being targeted?

No. Organisations have been selected at random, as representative of the sector. The survey results will inform corruption prevention and engagement efforts, and are not related to any investigations of corruption.

Is the survey confidential?

Yes. All survey responses are anonymous. Data collected through the survey will be de-identified, in accordance with Urbis’ legal obligations and the standards set by the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO). Responses will be analysed at the aggregate level only. Individual employees will not be able to be identified.

Will IBAC disclose the departments and organisations that were surveyed?

The names of departments, agencies and local councils invited to participate in the survey will be made available. However, an organisation’s data will not be identified in the report. All data will be aggregated by the independent research company (Urbis) to ensure data is de-identified before it is supplied to IBAC.

When will the survey results be released?

Results will be released in 2017. To stay up to date with the survey results and other IBAC publications, follow @IBACvic on Twitter or subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletter, Insights.

What else is IBAC doing to prevent corruption?

This behavioural research project is being conducted as part of IBAC’s legislative responsibilities to inform and prevent corruption. It also sits within IBAC’s corruption prevention strategy, which focuses on three core priorities to create a corruption resistant Victoria:

  1. Engage with the community and the public sector to improve understanding of corruption and its harms
  2. Improve reporting of corruption and help build the public sector’s capacity to address reports
  3. Alert organisations to the latest information and intelligence to stay ahead of corruption risks.

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Who can I contact for further information about this project or IBAC’s other corruption prevention activities?

If you would like to discuss an aspect of this questionnaire or how the information you give will be used, please contact Evylyn Brophy at 

To report suspected corruption complete our online complaint form