Identifying and preventing corruption

Report corruption and police misconduct

Any person can make a complaint to IBAC about Victorian public sector corrupt conduct or police personnel misconduct. A complaint to IBAC must be in writing, unless it is determined by IBAC that there are exceptional circumstances as to why it is unable to be provided in this form.

Victorian public sector bodies include government departments and statutory authorities (including Victoria Police), local councils, schools and universities, public hospitals, Members of Parliament, judges and magistrates.

If you think IBAC is the correct agency to handle your complaint please report it to us. If you are unsure please refer to other places to lodge a complaint or contact us so we can assist you.

You can report your complaint using one of these options:

  1. completing the secure online form
  2. download a complaint form below and return by email, fax or post; or
  3. telephone IBAC on 1300 735 135 to request a form be sent to you.

Download a complaint form:

Use this version if you want to type your responses into the form: IBAC complaint form-typed (PDF 148KB)

Use this version if you want to print out the form then hand-write your responses: IBAC complaint form-written (PDF 138KB)

If your complaint is a disclosure under the Protected Disclosure Act 2012 (Vic), please refer to our Protected Disclosure page.

Security Disclaimer

IBAC is aware and sensitive to the risks attached to the transmission of personal and sensitive information. It is your choice as to how you submit the complaint form.

IBAC recommends against submitting highly confidential information as an attachment to an e-mail, or in the body of an e-mail, as email systems are not secure enough to maintain the high levels of security IBAC gives to complaints. We recommend submitting your complaint via our secure online form, fax or post.

Where you choose to submit your complaint by post, please note that IBAC can only be responsible for the security of your complaint form once it has been received by us.

IBAC cannot be responsible for the security of complaint forms faxed to an incorrect fax number.

Reporting corruption

Do you have a complaint about what you believe to be corrupt or improper conduct of a public sector body or officer, or police personnel misconduct?

What is corruption and misconduct?Report corruption or misconduct online

Report improper conduct as a protected disclosure